Thursday, 12 August 2010

State Theatre

Sydney's State Theatre was opened in 1929 and operated mainly as a cinema into the 1970s. In recent years it has mostly hosted live concerts but each year in June it reverts to a cinema as the principal venue for the Sydney Film Festival.
I took this photograph of the Market Street foyer when I was in the city last Tuesday. Behind the far doors are a series of far grander foyers, lobbies and rooms and the striking auditorium. I could never capture the grandeur but luckily the theatre's website contains a breathtaking virtual tour which I highly recommend.

I haven't attended a performance there for several years; the last time being a concert by Rufus Wainwright. I must go back to the theatre soon.


  1. We went there not long after the restoration was completed in the early eighties I think. It is stunning. We saw a movie, oh dear, Flesh Gordon.

  2. Beautiful capture of this foyer with great colors and details. I love that ceiling!

  3. Andrew - that must have been a one-off. Unlike the Capitol Theatre, the State was not reduced to screening B-level movies when it's cinema days were numbered.

    Steven - thanks.