Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Special Relationship

Leader of the Opposition and aspiring Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) travels to the United States in 1992 to receive political 'training' in how to develop his leadership and policies in order to achieve his aspirations. He returns to Washington in the run up to his ascension to power to meet US President Bill Clinton (Dennis Quaid) and thus continues 'The Special Relationship' between the two countries.

As the poster above suggests this was a television movie in the USA but the film is in cinema release here and it explores the relationship not only between the two countries but also between the two leaders, between each leader and his wife and between the two wives each of whom is a formidable individual in her own right.

The film is beautifully acted but I make special mention of Quaid who is so believable as Clinton it as though Clinton is playing himself. There are many ironic moments given that we view this film with the benefit of hindsight. Whilst there is plenty of actual news footage throughout the film I don't know how accurate the private moments that are depicted can be but it is delicious to imagine the truth either way.

Although both the BBC and HBO are behind the production the film is seen from the British perspective. A fair representation or not, this is a fascinating film.

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