Sunday, 29 August 2010


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Clovelly Beach this morning on the last weekend of winter. The beach itself is a narrow stretch of sand to the right of this photo, the ocean surf rolling in from the left. Swimmers were participating in races across the narrow bay and back conducted by the surf club.
This group of men were having a good chuckle at women struggling in the rough water...
...and then had their own struggle when it came to their turn.
Another group of men, varied ages and body builds, lining up for their race.
Not everyone was travelling by water. The coastal walk was very popular for bipeds, quadripeds and those on wheels. This was on the north headland overlooking the bay and the swimmers.

Waverley Cemetery is just around the headland to the north of Clovelly. The permanent residents have a glorious view down the hill to the Pacific Ocean. This photo was taken at the eastern end of the cemetery, looking to the north. Bronte Beach is hidden from view to the left of that part of the ocean visible above.
Looking north east, the middle headland is Tamarama; the other side of which forms the headland for South Bondi. A small stretch of sand at Bondi Beach (the northern end) can be seen in the far distance below the smoke stack which is the tallest object visible.


  1. Beautiful photos! You must be enjoying your camera and it's zoom capabilities. ;)

  2. 'varied ages and body builds'. Nicely understated Victor.

  3. Clovelly is a great place but I fail to see what the surf lifesavers there do to justify their appropriation of the original changing sheds and the relegation of the public to the quite putrid new ones which were built behind the kiosk

  4. PS: what's going on with the excavators and the earthworks in the background?