Thursday, 26 August 2010


Andrew has posted here and previously here about the proposed Barangaroo development site in Sydney.

By coincidence I took the following photographs of part of the site only last Sunday when I took an impromptu trip up the river to Sydney Olympic Park and back.
(Click photos to enlarge)

Taken from water level, you can't tell from this photograph just how expansive is that spread of vacant former dockland. The owners and occupants of all those buildings that currently form the western edge of downtown Sydney must loath the development plans.
The site from a further distance out. The Pacific Sun is docked beside a makeshift terminal.
Observatory Hill and older structures in The Rocks that presumably will be overshadowed by the development.


  1. Not a perspective I have seen if from Victor, thanks. I can certainly see why many people will hate it. The development really will change the whole face of Sydney from that angle.

  2. All the commercial buildings are to the south of the cruise ship, so do not block or overshadow Observatory Hill or The Rocks. 50% of the site is returned to public use as parkland and the entire harbourside becomes a public waterfront promenade. Yes it changes the western face of the city from this angle, but it is a massive improvement on what is there at present. Do not rush to condem until you've had a chance to look at what is actually being proposed