Monday, 9 August 2010

2010 City to Surf (Part 2)

Continuing yesterday's City to Surf fun run as the participants passed through Edgecliff...
9.12am - Star Wars interlopers.
9.12am - these participants paused to meet bystanders and (Andrew, please note) there was much bowing between them before the participants resumed their run.
9.19am - Andre Agassi searching for a tennis court.
9.22am - he can still 'raize' a smile.
9.22am - he is a shopper passing by and not in the event...humour me...after all, I am gay.
9.24am - faster than a speeding bullet.
9.29am - a passing cyclist who stopped briefly to watch the, why did he distract me?
9.31am - this group paused to demonstrate 1980s aerobics.
9.39am - no idea what they represented.
9.43am - mostly walkers now, some with their shopping in hand.
9.46am - a leisurely walk.
9.46am - 'ring, ring' and he peeled off at this point to join an even cuter looking mate in the entrance to the railway station.
9.54am - nearly ninety minutes after the elite runners' starting gun was fired and walkers continue to pass by the electorate office of my member of Parliament whose election poster I inadvertantly captured in this photograph.

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