Thursday, 8 July 2010

A walk (and ferry trip) in the rain

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Although rain was threatening, four of us went ahead with our planned 'Seniors Day Trip' outing to Watsons Bay and South Head today. We boarded the Sydney Ferries catamaran at Circular Quay in the city. The catamaran stopped at Garden Island for those wanting to visit the Heritage Museum there then continued on to Watsons Bay, the entire journey taking a little over 15 minutes.
The view to the city from the promenade at Watsons Bay. The city is in sunshine and although it is not evident from my photograph - I held an umbrella with one hand whilst using the other to take the photogrpah - it had begun raining in Watsons Bay. We walked on in rain to nearby Camp Cove and from there to the walk around adjacent South Head.
The rain was pelting down by the time we were on the walkway and for a time we found shelter in an alcove of the old Lightkeeper's House from where I took this photograph of the city (again) this time in rain.
An hour later and we were back at Watsons Bay deciding which of the eateries we would go to for lunch. The catamaran, Mary McKillop, was at the wharf picking passengers up for the trip to the city. The rain had eased for a bit but as the storm clouds indicate further falls were not far away. We didn't know it then but we were to use the same catamaran two hours later when we made our return journey.
Only 12.30pm but those storm clouds were rolling in fast and it was as dark as though nightfall was on us. The rain poured down as we lunched at the Watsons Bay Hotel (in the darkness to the right) and again on the return trip to Circular Quay.

Despite the adverse weather, we had a great day and have already pencilled in August 12 for our next 'Seniors' Day Trip'. Oh what fun we have now that we are retired!


  1. Shame about the weather, but Watsons Bay is just wonderful and surprisingly peaceful, although I imagine it may not be on a warm summer evening.

  2. hi vic wanted to pop in and say....THANX AND GIVE YOU SOME BIG LOVE!! Appreciate the kind words and support during this difficult time for me....I love my blog buds! xxoo