Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday in the Park with Victor

(...with apologies to Georges Seurat, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine.)

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Scenes from Hyde Park, Sydney this morning.
Skyline to the West as viewed from Hyde Park South.
Skyscrapers to the West as viewed from Hyde Park South.
Looking North across to Hyde Park North as viewed from Hyde Park South with the Archibald Fountain visible between the trees in the far distance.
The Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park North in the far distance as viewed from Hyde Park South.
Sydney Tower viewed from Hyde Park South.
The old Police Centre to the East of Hyde Park South gutted and being rebuilt as an apartment block named 'The Residence'.
The Connaught Apartments to the South as viewed from Hyde Park South with a fancy water fountain shelter in the right foreground.
The Black and Gold badge displayed at my old school on the East edge of Hyde Park South. The Latin motto reads Laus Deo which translates as Praise God. Despite the motto, the school is non denominational.
The Obelisk, with Egyptian decorations, at the Western edge of Hyde Park South constructed in 1857. The structure is actually a sewer vent.
Several blocks to the East of Hyde Park South, The Chapel which bears the date 1860. Smaller than a cottage nowadays, a church adjoins it to the right of this photograph.


  1. Mostly places or buildings I know except I have never seen the Archibald Fountain. Is not the school in College Street a Church of England school? Maybe I am confused. Didn't your school back to Yurong Street. Email if you don't want to say here.

  2. It's Sydney Grammar and yes it extends down to Yurong Street. It is not affiliated with any religion.

  3. there are a billion blogs around so it's great to see one (a few in fact) that catch images sydney - you got a new reader!