Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rose Bay

(Click on photos to enlarge.)
Rose Bay Wharf earlier this afternoon on a sunny but very cold day. The Catamaran service pulled up to the wharf a few minutes later.

Just to the left of the wharf, a pelican sunning itself on a mooring pole.
A close-up of the pelican.
Fifty metres on from the wharf, the catamaran passes by the Catalina Restaurant with diners on the restaurant balcony.
Another twenty metres on and looking north-east across the harbour the sun glistening in the cold. The pontoons on the left belong to the Sydney Seaplane Base.
The Rose Bay Flying Boat Base in 1938. Catalina Flying Boats (after which the Restaurant above is named) used the Base during 'the Golden Age of Flying' providing amongst other services flights between Sydney and Singapore.


  1. Does the flying boat still operate? My partner used to work in Rose Bay and watch it land and depart.

  2. Andrew - the large flying boats are long gone. Just small sea planes now. You can do joy flights or commuter flights between Sydney/Palm Beach, Sydney/Newcastle.

  3. I love the photos you post from your outings. They inspire me to get out more.

  4. Now why can't some of that sunshine come down to melbourne?