Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Never there when you want them...

My local member (of Parliament...not appendage) has taken to emailing me in the leadup to next month's general election.

This is an unwelcome intrusion as I find his barrage of posted material more than sufficient to satisfy any interest I have in his party's policies and achievements.

I was wondering how it was that he obtained my email address and then recalled that several years back I sought his assistance in a dispute I was engaged in with that disgracefully unhelpful organisation, Telstra. Needless to say, said local member did not have the courtesy to acknowledge my request let alone offer help or reply.

Now that he wants my vote, local member...perhaps that should be appendage after falling over himself to communicate with me.


  1. Oh noes. The pay tv. I guess it was eventually sorted to your satisfaction. I agree though, your local member is taking liberties.

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  3. Hi Victor, Off topic, Ian here once of Pedestrian Fair fame with a new blog! Your interest is muchly appreciated. Am visiting Sydney and Melbourne in August and thought to start a new blog to write about it. Wasn't inspired to go back to the old one, maybe I will keep blogging past my trip. Time will tell!
    And on topic, I guess that's one disadvantage of having a high flying local member, compaints about Telstra just aren't their thing!

  4. Good to hear from you Ian. I've added your new blog to my list. By the way, a comment I posted on that blog has registered but the email copy bounced back to me.

    If you have time, I'm sure your Sydney blogger friends would be happy to have a coffee with you whilst you are here.

  5. Coffee with blogger friends would be a very good thing!