Sunday, 25 July 2010

Coogee, Clovelly & Coffee Culture

(Click photos to enlarge)
Coogee Beach looking north.
Coogee Beach around 1929 when it had an English style pier.
Beach Street Coogee, to the south of the beach and behind where I took the top photograph.
Barzura, a cafe on the turn of Beach Street just to the right of the photo above it.
The headland, in the far distance, to Clovelly Beach located north of Coogee Beach.
I'm stopped at traffic lights on Coogee Bay Road with the Pacific Ocean at Coogee Beach straight ahead. To the right are cafe customers seen again in the next photo.
Lunch time, Saturday - the coffee culture - and the cafes are packed even on this wintery day.
Whilst I was taking my photos, these three young men, having completed a run, stripped out of their running clothes and jumped into the ocean pool at the southern end of Coogee Beach, presumably to cool down from their exercise.


  1. It is over one year since we visited Coogee. Nice memories. Umm, I only saw the word stripped and missed out of their running clothes. Slightly excited.

  2. I would have been more than slightly excited, Andrew. Even at my age (lol).

  3. Ah, some guys just love to get their shirts off and do manly things, be no complaints from me!
    Nice to see the 'hustle and bustle' 'bout the place for the middle of winter

  4. ....and of course, Victor was there to snap a shot of these young men 'cooling themselves down'....... ;p

  5. know coogee so well and have eaten often in the cafe in photo #4 - thanks for this post!