Sunday, 11 July 2010

At the Quay

(Click photos to enlarge.)
Circular Quay Railway Station which sits above the level of the adjacent Ferry Wharves. The station is at the northern end of the City Circle Line which otherwise runs underground. The photo is taken from the southern side platform. The other platform is the northern side platform; adjacent to the harbour and wharves.
Looking across the northern side platform to the Harbour Bridge which sits west of the Quay and the Opera House which sits east of the Quay. In the enlarged photo you can see cruise vessels, ferries and a catamaran approaching/departing the wharves (out of sight) below as well as crowds enjoying the western promenade between the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the Quay.
An old stairway that has been retained which lies between two modern high rises that line the east side of the Quay and the approach to the Opera House. The stairs link the Quay to Macquarie Street.
Looking back from the side southern side platform at the Railway Station, a view of old Customs House (now housing the City of Sydney Library, restaurants, bars and other facilities) dwarfed by the newer high rises. The AMP Building (the high rise on the left) dates back to 1958. The high rise furthest to the right (Governor Philip Tower) is the newest of the three and was completed in 1993.


  1. Nice shots! Beautiful city!

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  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Hope your week is going well!