Sunday, 27 June 2010

Vale Academy Twin

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The Academy Twin Cinema closes tonight after it's operators, Palace Cinemas, failed to reach agreement for a new lease with the landlord, the Greek Orthodox Community of Sydney. I've been attending screenings there since it opened in 1974. I have vague memories from my childhood of attending screenings in a smoke filled cinema that occupied the same site many years before. It's a pity that the cinema is closing as it has screened many fine films mostly, but not exclusively, foreign language that the mainstream cinema outlets would never offer. Thankfully, Palace will continue to operate the nearby Verona and Chauvel cinemas. We marked the final day by seeing 'The Secret in their Eyes' this morning.
Academy Twin foyer this morning.
Cinema 500 (the larger of the auditoriums, the other being named Cinema 300) just prior to this morning's screening. Sadly only nine people were present but it was only the 10am session on a sunny Sunday and 'The Secret in their Eyes' has been screening for some time. The queues we saw at the ticket desk for the subsequent sessions as we departed suggest there will be larger attendances this afternoon and hopefully good attendances for this evening's final sessions.

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  1. I wondered what happened here. I have been over in the West for the last few weeks, come back and AT is closed. So sad.