Thursday, 6 May 2010

Rodgers and Hammerstein On Stage and Screen

This is a bit of a gay man's wet dream. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra playing the film scores to Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals in the Sydney Opera House, accompanying clips from the movies. I grew up on R&H musicals and thrilled to hearing and seeing musical selections that are so ingrained in my memory.

The conductor, George Daugherty, links the pieces and film clips with his commentary and is clearly very enthusiastic on the subject. His exuberance on the podium is so marked that at times he appeared almost to be trampolining.

It was fascinating to re-visit memorable moments including the 'bench scene' from Carousel ('If I Loved You') and the 'Shall We Dance' sequence from The King and I. Both scenes appear quite chaste and tame by today's standards yet each remains undeniably sexy. There is no doubting what Yul Brynner has on his mind as Deborah Kerr explains English courtship practices to him.

It is a pity that the Orchestra drowns out some key dialogue during 'Shall We Dance'; the only misstep in tonight's performance for mine.

I ran into James on the bus trip home and assumed he must have been amongst the gay contingent at the R&H concert too but it turns out he had been to the nearby Dendy Cinemas attending the premiere of an Australian documentary on Palm Island. That makes three bloggers I have met in person now.

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