Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sleepless in Sydney

I did not sleep for a single second last night. I just lay there minute after minute until the sun rose.

The doctor told me I would experience pain following yesterday's wide excision and instructed me to take medication in anticipation. The medication must have worked because there was little pain.

What kept me sleepless though were the restrictions imposed by the stitches and dressings. My stitched up chest feels very tight and unnatural. The doctor warned me against any sudden or extreme movements in case the stitches are dislodged. The tightness will ease in time as the skin stretches but meanwhile I feel very uncomfortable.

The tightness and my worry about undoing the stitches meant that I could only lay in one position in bed whereas I usually toss and turn all through the night. I kept hoping I would fall asleep but the discomfort prevented that happening.

To add to my misery the dressing is quite bulky. I will be able to strip off the the top dressing tomorrow and based on what happened with the previous excision I expect (hope) to feel a lot freer and comfortable afterwards.


  1. Ouch! How many stitches did you get?

  2. Evol - I didn't ask but I have a mix of disollvable stitches that will dissolve in 6-8 weeks and sutures they will remove in two weeks.