Saturday, 3 April 2010

Get me to the church on time

I'm going to a wedding this afternoon. Not my own...the third daughter of good friends is doing the deed.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about going to the wedding following my mother's death last week and the melanoma excision this week but I believe I am dealing well with the former and my discomfort from the latter is easing if not yet past.

The wedding itself is at a church in a suburb about forty-five minutes or so drive south of where I live but I am totally unfamiliar with the area and not certain that I have the timings correct. Then there is the problem of the three hours or so break between the ceremony and the evening reception which is being held at a suburb about a further fifteen minutes away. The break is not long enough to make it worthwhile returning home so we will have to link up with other guests and find somewhere to sit, chat and presumably drink.

Friends tell me that attending the wedding will be a good distraction for me and I am sure that will prove correct but at the moment the last thing I feel like doing is getting all dressed up in suit and tie when I have been lazing about in casual wear the past three days following the doctor's instructions to take it completely easy.

On the other hand, the reception is being held at a beachside location and with today's sunny holiday weather the best tonic and distraction may well be the eye candy passing by outside.

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  1. Why not do one or the other rather than both? It will be a long day otherwise, especially when you are not 100%.