Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sydney Town Hall

From the Powerhouse Photographic Archive.

This image comes from the Don Harkness archive which provides a complete visual record of the career of the pioneer in the Australian automotive and aeronautical industry, Don Harkness. Harkness, born in Leichhardt NSW in 1898 was a record breaking racing driver. The Powerhouse database states:

‘Harkness developed an interest in motor racing and in 1924 he imported an Overland chassis which he modified extensively. In this car (christened “Whitey”) Harkness won about 50 events at the Penrith and Maroubra tracks and at Gerringong’s Seven Mile Beach during 1925.’

This particular image shows an Overland car being driven down the steps of the Sydney Town Hall during the mid 1920s.

Photo by Milton Kent.

A front view of the Sydney Town Hall perhaps around the turn of the 20th Century?
A contemporary view of the Sydney Town Hall.
And finally an image of Philadelphia's City Hall on which the Sydney Town Hall was modelled.
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