Monday, 29 March 2010


Thanks for all the messages following the death of my mother.

I was quite touched also by the number of calls from friends and associates, some of whom I had lost contact with for many years.

The funeral was today and my mother is now at peace.

I'm holding up well apart from sleepless nights over the weekend since Mum's death and am looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight (fingers crossed). Next stop, the wide excision surgery on Wednesday after which I hopefully can return to happier and more mundane missives related to my life and interests.

I'm also looking forward to catching up on my blog reading.


  1. Here's to a good night sleep tonight Victor and an uneventful day on Wednesday and beyond.

  2. Dear Victor, am so sorry to hear your news. I hope yesterday went as well as it could have and that everything goes just fine on Wednesday.