Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Grab a sackful of stars de jour, nearly stars and once were stars and pack them into a film about relationships then release it for 'Valentine's Day'.

So many performers jostling for screen time has resulted in a multitude of situations that are nearly baked, half baked or as often as not...what the heck. So sloppy is the production that this movie released for Valentine's Day this year has a moment when a mobile phone displays the date as Monday 14 February.

The film might still have worked except that it is so, so dull. It took about an hour to reach the first laugh and although there were occasional laughs afterwards they were far too few. It is pretty damning that the funniest moments were the bloopers shown over the end credits. This two hours long film felt more like three hours to me.

I feel sorry for straight men dragged to see this by their wives and girl friends. However - SPOILER ALERT - at least gay men have the benefit of eye candy and two gay twists, the second of which had a gaggle of teenage schoolgirls in uniform at my session sighing with disappointment.

This film is a dud.


  1. You have well and truly quashed any inkling I might have had to go and see that film. Based on the trailer, I thought it might have been an American version of 'Love Actually' (which I actually enjoyed despite Hugh Grant).

    Btw... gong hei fat choi Victor!

  2. Ad Rad - only my opinion! It is a sort of American 'Love Actually' and you might like it.

    Some of the schoolgirls I referred to turned their mobiles on and starting texting about half way through. I doubt they were suggesting their friends rush to the cinema - but I could be wrong.

  3. Its hard to believe it would be bad with 189 stars in it! Thanks for the review.