Monday, 7 December 2009


The New Theatre is a small company of professional and eager amateur performers and theatrical artisans who struggle along on modest box office income and donations. Amazingly it has operated for 75 years.

They produce small scale productions of a range of works and for them to attempt a work such as the Broadway musical Cabaret is very ambitious indeed. Any production of this work inevitably risks comparison with the brilliant filmed version which left an indelible memory in the minds of all who have seen it.

Mk, Rs and I attended a performance yesterday with minimal expectations and were pleasantly impressed by the quality of the production and performances. Sure, it cannot match the gloss and detail of what would be expected from a fully professional staging but the reasonably sized audience in the intimate surrounds of the New Theatre clearly enjoyed what was on offer.

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  1. I like amateur theatre. The performers have an energy and enthusiasm that you don't always get in big productions. Now guess what music is going to be in my head all day.