Friday, 16 October 2009

Suits at lunch and the coffee society

Lunch yesterday at the Lido Bar in the CBD, a pretty small 'ristorante' with about ten tables. Ry organised the venue and as the only one of us four not yet retired he chose this restaurant which is close to his office. I chose the Salmon main whilst the other three all went for the fish of the day, Jewfish.

I rarely set foot inside the more upmarket city restaurants nowadays and it was enjoyable to take in the sight of the smartly suited businessmen and women at their working lunches. Some of the younger men at lunch yesterday were pretty sexy looking in their suits. I would not have looked that smart, nor fit, when I was their age.

Actually at that equivalent age my lunchtime fare was mostly hamburgers. Not the mass produced hamburgers of today's fast food chains which did not then exist in Australia but the lovingly made fresh hamburgers, mostly purchased from Greek owned establishments, piled high with lettuce, beetroot, egg and other optional extras.

Walking back to Martin Place station to catch the train home I was struck by the number of coffee and snack stalls that have been set up inside the foyers of the larger office and bank buildings. This is another change from my city working days.

It seems that any spare public office space is being turned into stylish and attractive mini food courts catering to Sydney's ongoing coffee socialising lifestyle.


  1. Friends are visiting tonight. I wonder if we could convince them to have proper hamburgers rather than pizzas. We noticed the ready availability of coffee in the city and the chances of getting a good cup of coffee is now much higher in Sydney than even five years ago. We found a nice little open coffee shop at the base of an office building in Liverpool Street. Good coffee, attractive staff and a good people watching place.

  2. It seems a coffee shop goes up in an empty space there is. They are everywhere. These are fun to visit though.