Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Only Child

On the recommendation of a friend I went to Belvoir Street Theatre to see The Only Child inspired by a Henryk Ibsen work. The ninety minutes' production, without interval, involves a couple, played by Shelly Lauman and Tom Wren, whose child has gone missing. Another couple, played by Anne-Louise Sarks and Gareth Davies, completes the small ensemble.

The entire play takes place in a bathroom represented by a simple bathtub with a running shower. The play is a mix of power and humour with the four cast members all performing strongly although Lauman is a standout.

I should warn readers of delicate disposition that Wren (the naked one above), Davies (the clothed one above) and Lauman all appear fully naked for extended periods of the play.

For those who simply must know these things, Davies may be unprepossessing clothed but he has one singularly impressive...ahh...asset.

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  1. Sounds like my sort of play! I like the one in the bathtub...