Tuesday, 20 October 2009

God of Carnage

This is the Sydney Theatre Company's current production.

Two couples meet to discuss a fight that occurred between their sons. Predictably discussion deteriorates to disagreement the longer the couples pursue the matter.

Mk and I both got plenty of laughs from this depiction of modern manners but I have to say that the play, currently a hit on Broadway, felt overrated. The way the characters' behaviour develops through the play, whilst amusing, seemed forced and unnatural.


  1. A lot of people no longer wear suits to a funeral, like me who has never owned one. But it does look nice at an Underbelly type funeral where all are in suits. Btw, what are you thinking of The Slap? I finsihed it, but I wasn't too keen.

  2. Andrew - I haven't worn a suit in years. I'm still in the early stages of The Slap. I tend to read books very slowly.