Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A garden of Eden

A section of the display gardens, today.

It was just as well that several days of rain and cold gave way today to warmer and sunny weather as we had an outing scheduled for the Day Centre participants. We took them to Eden Gardens, an enterprise centred around gardening which features display gardens, landscape services, stores, convention/reception facilities and a popular cafe.

I had never been to the complex before and am not really into gardening but I can see that it is a pleasant venue to spend a few sunny leisure hours. For one thing you can wander around the place for free and there is lots of space to laze around on the grass if you wish.

The restaurant where we had our lunch was quite impressive. Our meals were of good quality and the service was speedy and efficient notwithstanding the large number of diners. I was told the restaurant is regularly as busy as we experienced today. There were large groups of mothers with prams and babies in tow dining there today but for some reason none of the noise that usually accompanies such groups.

On the advice of others I ordered a kiddies meal which proved to be extraordinarily substantial and came with a complimentary fruit juice and small ice cream bucket. I'm not sure that they normally permit adults to purchase the kiddies meals. I think this was a special deal they allowed for the Nursing Home group.

I noticed that the complex hosts outdoor evening movie screenings in a deal which includes dinner and drinks.

The gardens are quite an entrepreneurial enterprise.

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  1. I would love to go through this. It would be great to see in person.