Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spectator sport

Predictably, I was as interested in watching the cute spectators as I was in the more attractive competitors in this morning's City to Surf race.

(As usual, click on photos for the enlarged version.)

The local fire brigade took a prime position with two firemen at a time being hoisted up high to get an eagle eyed view. The tall building that can be glimpsed at extreme left is my apartment block.

This man in a nearby high rise was still dressed in his undies.

Firemen, police and ambulance officers relaxing under the wintery sun and a passing anonymous cutie too.

My apartment block in left background above.

And the winning spectator in my opinion - who rolled up on his bicycle before the race start and frustratingly for me kept his full frontal view well away from my camera's range. There is nothing wrong with his back view though.


  1. Nice shots all! I like the cute fireman leaning against the truck the best. hehe.

    This race sounds suspiciously like San Francisco's Bay to Breakers race that takes place each spring. Elite runners first, then all the costumed hilarity that runs, walks, and staggers from downtown (by the bay) out to the ocean (the breakers).

    Perhaps Sydney and San Fran were separated at birth? ;)

  2. wcs - yes it was modelled on the San Francisco race. Sydney and San Francisco are very similar cities and also have that 'sister city' status. It used to be that one of the prizes for winning the City to Surf was a trip to SF to participate in their race.

  3. Plenty of eye candy around for sure.