Thursday, 12 February 2009

Weighty issues

I decided on a new strategy for attacking the extra kilos I am carrying and went on a search for digital scales last weekend. I purchased a nice looking set which I could accurately read with or without my spectacles and set them up in my bathroom.

My first reading was a great success, almost two kilos lighter than the last reading at the Doctor's rooms. Of course, my new home scales gave me a competitive advantage in that I was standing on them naked, something not previously permitted at the Doctor's rooms. Nevertheless, an encouraging start.

The wisdom of my new strategy was evident when I was yet another kilo lighter the next day. Still naked, of course, but I was pleased.

Day three and a stark message that my new scales were rubbish. My weight was up a kilo! And, I'd done nothing to encourage it.

Actually I'd done nothing other than purchase the scales. Obviously I need to tweak my strategy a little and introduce some other components. Things like changing my eating habits and maybe even...horror...a little exercise.

Losing weight is not going to be as straight forward as I had hoped.


  1. The problem with a set of scales in the house (as I've previously mentioned) is that to get a fair idea of your weight you need to weigh yourself at the same time ach day, first thing in the morning being the most reliable, and yes your weight will bounce all over the place from day to day. I couldn't believe it either at first.

  2. The best thing is weighing in at roughly the same time but only once a week, this will stop you from bouncing up and down. Oh, a good diet and sport helps too!

  3. You can eat as many veggies as you are able, probably as much fruit as you care to. I think a good trick is never eat any food you haven't prepared. No fast foods, no microwave dinners. No snacky chips or biscuits. It's almost like chopping veggies burns the most calories.

  4. Have a shave and go to the loo before you weigh... every gram counts.

    I'm seriously struggling to drop my last 10kg's... too much beer I think.

  5. I can see you turning into a Gym Bunny! Imagine the cruising!! ;p

  6. I agree with Peter. I weigh myself every thursday morning. And I write it down. That'll scare you into eating better. ;)

  7. Do tell! My scale refuses to help in any way, other than to point fingers and declare my weight for better or for worse...grrrr.

    I do weigh myself every day (to make my weight loss a daily goal) but i only record my official weight once a week

  8. Like you, I weigh myself daily. The first place I'd start is reduce your portions. It did wonders for me.