Saturday, 7 February 2009

Some loving

It has been a long time since I have had some sex. Correction; it has been a long time since I have had some loving sex of the tender touchy feely type rather than the slam bam thank you man type where scarcely a word is exchanged let alone any tenderness.

I need some of the former. Well, I want some of the former but at the moment there is no one on my horizon likely to be providing it. It is a state I have been in before and in the past I have usually ended up visiting a sauna for something different.

It is not that I expect to find the love of my life at a sauna. I have long given away the notion that I would find the man of my dreams at one of these establishments. They can be soulless meat markets where you tread the endless carousel being followed around by men you are not interested in all whilst you are following men you are interested in but who are not interested in you.

I suppose that I have visited a sauna about once every nine months or so over the past few years after having been a more periodic patron in earlier years. The best that I have experienced is the occasional passionate 'rumpy pumpy' that vaguely simulates emotional closeness but as often as not sauna sex turns into a lustful race to sexual relief between two or more men who will just as quickly go their own ways once the deed is done.

But I remain ever optimistic that I will find someone for me, just not at the sauna.


  1. Just remember that the blogosphre thinks you're ace! :)

  2. Never give up dear blog-buddy.
    Like you, I have done the sauna dance many times, but unlike you I seemed to be spacing my visits to the sauna ever so much more closer together, but always unsatisfied yet having experienced some sort of sexual relief ever so quickly and anonymously.
    Then out of blue, I was contacted by a wonderful man through my facebook profile. Five months later we have a wonderful romance.
    Our meetings are only once or twice a week but they are so romantic and satisfying. He is a wonderful man!
    Hang in there my friend, there is someone for you, LOL!
    Take care, as Evol says, we think you re ace!

  3. At least you have experienced those tender and loving sex before. I am still waiting. :)

    Anyway, don't give up as yet because it is all about timing. When the timing is right, you will meet him eventually. So just hang in there. :)

  4. I loved your description of the sauna and the endless following or chasing. Seemed to sum it up quite accurately.

  5. I've only ever been to the sauna for the sake of having a sauna. Seems much more relaxing that way.

  6. Evol, Earwig, Nodron, Muzbot - thanks.

    Ad Rad - you are smarter than I.

  7. Ah...I'm wishing you luck! I think it will happen