Sunday, 25 January 2009

The score is love all

Last night I tuned into the Australian Open on my new super-duper 46" LCD television screen as Fernando Gonzalez was doing battle with Richard Gasquet.

It was close to the end of the third set and it appeared that Gasquet was about to win in straight sets. But Gonzalez fought back and with Gasquet struggling with injury the match turned into a thrilling slug fest of brilliant hitting and sensational winning shots.

Every now and then, I turned over to catch glimpses of the Rafael Nadal/Tommy Haas match being played at the same time but it seemed very tame by comparison. Not that the players were tame; on the contrary all four men are sexy - each in their own way.

But getting back to the Gonzalez/Gasquet match, each player had to call for medical attention and I was able to view close-ups of their tortured looking feet on my huge screen but more interestingly close ups also of their nice hairy legs. Well, at least Gasquet had hairy legs, it seemed that Gonzalez's beautifully tanned pins were smooth like professional cyclists' legs. I wonder if Gonzalez shaves his legs?


Anyway, Gonzalez eventually won the over four hours long match 12-10 in the fifth set. It was a terrific match and a great (sexy) view.



  1. Looking at his stomach, I would put money on him shaving or waxing his legs.

  2. Gasquet and Gonzalez are two of my favorite players. I would love to have seen that match, but our satellite company keeps the men's matches on a pay channel, and feeds us the women's tournament for free. Since I'm not paying for the luxury pack (I already get over 200 channels), I miss the men at Melbourne and Wimbledon every year.

    But I relish the French and all the clay court tournaments here in Europe.

  3. Both of these men are gorgeous to look at and both are great tennis players. I stayed up until 2.30am just to watch the end of the Djokovic/Baghdatis match. Again, great tennis.

  4. Andrew - I'm sure you are correct.

    wcs - the Men's section at the AO has been very strong so far this year.

    Firehorse - have been watching Nadal/Gonzalez this afternoon. Nadal is a terrific player but its his arse that has really taken my interest.

  5. It's good to catch a competitive men's match. In the days of Pete Sampras, points would last no longer than a single return of the tennis ball.