Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A blue day in the mountains

I was reminded by Firehorse's posting that it had been a long time since I last travelled the couple of hours west from where I live in Sydney to visit the Blue Mountains.

These are not mountains in the sense of the Himalayas or the Alps but they certainly are an easily accessible scenic location. Having nothing else organised for today and the weather forecast being promising I drove up to Katoomba, one of the main towns in the vicinity, this morning and then on to nearby Echo Point where the main lookout is located.

Although the day was clear with a cloudless blue sky a haze surrounded the mountains giving them the promised blue hue.

The adjacent three outcrops known as the Three Sisters were in much clearer light and quite a few people were making their way down the track to view them close up. If you click on the photograph you can just make out the walking bridge from the track to the first of the 'sisters' on the left.

I was happy to view from afar. After soaking up the sun and the view I drove on around to Scenic World to see the Cable Car close up...

...and then the Scenic Railway. Being a little whoozy with heights I didn't use either although I probably would have if I had a friend accompanying me to give me courage (and a soothing hug).

As it was I was happy to view the 'sights' beyond the sights such as these two standing on the right...

...and these two on the left...

...not to forget these three...

...and best of all to my taste, this sexy soul who I would happily have stalked all the way around the mountains.


  1. I live in the Blue Mountains not far from Katoomba and I would happily be your guide for the day. I would even cuddle you close as we descended into the forest or swept across the ravine in the cable car.
    Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. Ah, dreams of summer. Will it ever come again?

  3. Beautiful. I need to go back. The last time I was there was when I was about 8 or 9!!!

  4. While we have seen the area before, the last time we were there, a heavy mist had descended and we could not even see the sisters. I want to have a look at the zig zag railway a bit further along.

  5. The outcroppings and lookout points, along with the views reminds me of when I visited the Grand Canyon. Beautiful weather you had to enjoy your time.

  6. awesome pics, so damn cold here today.

  7. Now there's an offer Victor but yet so quiet. BTW, these photos have more men than mountain. lol

  8. Firehorse - those handsome men just kept wandering into my camera's view. :-)