Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Who would have guessed?

This report was just read on a radio news bulletin.

"Sydney's traffic is slower now than four years ago, and we're being warned it's only going to get worse.

The latest Auditor's report has found congestion isn't getting any better.

Morning peak hour motorists on Victoria Road are only reaching an average speed of 23 kilometres an hour."

Did we need an Auditor's report to know that Sydney's traffic is getting worse?


  1. Without offering good public transport, car travel will just get more and more unbearable.

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  3. You are right, sometimes the auditors' reports are all fluff and no substances, reading them is just a bloody waste of time... :)

  4. I have to wonder where the average speeds come from in reports like this, My car will tell me my average speed and it is way below what the reports claim.

  5. I ALWAYS love those kinds of reports. Like we need a traffic consultant to be paid $100,000 to tell us this?