Wednesday, 3 December 2008

It has started....

Yesterday I attended the first of three works Christmas (or end of year) parties that are happening within eight days.

The first was the volunteers' party put on by the hospital which is very good at recognising our role. Each year the party includes the handing out of service badges and certificates recognising five, ten etc years of volunteer service. I received my five years' badge at yesterday's party which was accompanied by complimentary comments about my performance which were very nice to hear. Others received badges recognising five, ten, fifteen and (in one instance) twenty years of volunteer service.

I knew I was to receive the badge but I was surprised later during lunch when I was singled out for further mention and given a generous Department store cash voucher as further recognition of my efforts. I blushed with embarrassment when called to the podium.

The lunch was cold seafood and salad topped off with a fruit platter. There were no hot dishes (meats, pies, quiches) of previous parties. Seafood is not my favourite cuisine and I have to be cautious as I have sometimes suffered bad effects after a seafood meal. I stuck mostly to the smoked salmon and salad but risked eating a few prawns. Thankfully there was no adverse reaction and surprisingly I felt quite replete despite selecting a modest amount to eat. I really need to discipline myself to modest servings if I am to lose some of the unwelcome weight I have added to my frame in the past year (which coincides with my blogging life). Blogging is a weight hazard!

Unfortunately there were no cute men of the calibre in the photograph at the party.

Tomorrow, the Nursing Home is staging its volunteers' party and then next Wednesday it is the turn of the home's Day Centre.

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  1. I would hope that all institutions are as good at recognising the work of volunteers, but I bet they are not. Well done anyway.