Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Coogee lunch

Had lunch (Monday) at the Coogee Legion Club with Rt visiting from Queensland, his cousin Jf, Ae and Hn.

We were not greatly inventive in our ordering. Apart from Jf who ordered a smoked salmon salad we remaining four all ordered a veal and prawn dish in a mustard sauce. The veal was a bit overcooked according to Ae but I enjoyed it anyway.

It was a lovely summer's day if a bit breezy and our balcony table provided a delightful view of the ocean and Coogee Beach and especially of the bathers crossing the road from the beach in their speedos.

Unfortunately I left my camera in the boot of the car and therefore failed to take any photos over lunch which was a bit unfortunate with so much eye candy on display. In the absence of my own photograph, I have illustrated this posting with the above pic taken from the web. The pic is perfectly relevant as it is taken from the Aussie Bum collection and is called Club Coogee.


  1. I could definitely stuff myself on that lunch. :,

  2. Firehorse - you and the queue behind you, lol. It sure is a mouthful.

  3. Hi, phew .. it's a brave man that eats in Coogee now, especially desert. :-)

  4. Greg - we steered clear of ordering ice cream, lol.