Wednesday, 5 November 2008


When purchasing our tickets for this I mistakenly asked for Rockefeller so my brain was not completely switched on in this film.

Tom Wilkinson is a crime boss engaged by a Russian businessman to use his 'contacts' to get a development approved at council. A host of other criminal and criminally inclined types cross paths as 'arrangements' and 'understandings' go off the rails.

The plot involves a whole host of characters whose activities interconnect. A search for an unidentified villain ensues and towards the end most of the characters assemble and the villain is revealed. Does this sound familiar? It is the classic formula Agatha Christie used in her whodunnit books.

Guy Ritchie applies the formula to the London crime scene dressed up with lots of noise, dollops of violence and rock and roll music. I quite enjoyed it all, once the confusion of the initial set up was passed and it was good to see a gay crim character amongst the mix. Ritchie does these London crime themes with style.

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