Saturday, 29 November 2008

Priscilla deserts us...

A couple of months ago Fs, in Canberra, suggested that we go with Bn to see the stage musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert which is currently on its second Sydney season. The first Sydney season was a huge success but none of us had gone to see it and this second season was scheduled to end on 18 January.

For reasons too complex for me to explain the only weekend that suited the three of us was the final weekend. I hasten to explain that I was available virtually every weekend but both the other two were heavily 'booked'. How is it that other people lead such hectic social lives?

Anyway Fs booked tickets for the evening of January 17, the second last performance, which we have been eagerly awaiting. Fs booked flights to Sydney for the weekend and had obtained the theatre and flight tickets.

Then yesterday, I was reading the Daily Telegraph and found deep into the paper a small paragraph stating that Priscilla is closing earlier on December 21, a victim of the financial crisis which has left its January bookings a disaster. I rang the theatre which confirmed the early closure and text Fs who had not heard the news. Fs is being sent a refund for the theatre tickets and with Bn will not be able to see the show before its closure.

My basically free diary allows me to seek an alternate performance but Fs and Bn are both disappointed. For once my lack of social life has worked in my favour, although I would have preferred to see the show with the others.

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  1. Priscilla is fantastic, you'll love it! We went to the opening night in Melbourne, and would believe there was a bomb scare 10 minutes in!!!! They sent everyone home, and exchanged our tickets for a night two months later!