Thursday, 20 November 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

Diane Lane and Richard Gere cross paths in an eccentrically exotic seaside house in North Carolina. Actually that house is more in the sea than by it and looks nothing like the coastal houses I saw in North Carolina in the late 1980s but then what would I know.

If I were into women then Diane Lane is just the woman I would want to be into. I always enjoy seeing her. And from this gay man's point of view she has hit two jackpots. Lane is married to Josh Brolin. This means that she has Barbra Streisand for her mother in law and she gets to sleep at night with Brolin. A gay man's dream twice over.

A bonus for gay viewers is the appearance, briefly, of Christopher Meloni remembered fondly for his impressive personal attributes revealed full frontal in the television prison series, Oz.

Predictably, everyone and everything in Rodanthe is improbably picturesque and the film unfolds as a weepy of the type that had them teary eyed at lights up in the suburban Odeon and Kings Cinemas every Saturday afternoon in the 1950s.


  1. Funny that you mention coastal North Carolina. That's where my partner is from and I've spent some time there.

    The film "Message in a Bottle" with Kevin Costner was set on the NC coast. But it was not filmed there; the movie showed it as rocky and hilly. Most of the coastal stuff was shot up in Maine. What's up with that? ;)

  2. And speaking of a gay man's dream... can you imaging being Jason Gould? The gay son of Barbra Streisand! OMG.

  3. wcs - although Jason sometimes may wonder whether that new boyfriend loves him for himself or for his mother, lol

  4. Chris Meloni. *swoon*

    Now there's a good-looking man.

    Richard Gere is giving me the creeps these days. Don't know why.