Sunday, 9 November 2008


Three brothers living in Newcastle, the middle one a budding surfer, the oldest brother a former surf champion and the youngest brother, gay, and an outsider. Not much plot, lots of swearing, lots of time spent in the water, some masturbation and sex and the young guys go skinny dipping at every opportunity.

This film seems aimed at mid to late teens, indeed most of the audience I saw it with yesterday was in that age group. Certainly the screenplay sounded juvenile to me but it probably hit home to the rest of the audience who were attentive.

Not much else to say.


  1. Wonder if that was the movie that did the gay film festival circuit in 2006, I think.

  2. Andrew - I don't know. I'd never heard of the film previously and the Internet Movie Database shows it's release as 2008.

  3. I'm only guessing it's not set in Newcastle upon Tyne. Or Newcastle under Lyme (ye gods, no) for that matter....

  4. Travelling etc - No Tyne or Lyme in sight in this central New South Wales coast industrial town!