Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love

I went to see a production of this play by the 2008 graduating students at NIDA, the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Mk recommended the production to me and said, as an aside, that it featured nudity. Not that nudity would be the principal attraction for me. Mk knows me so well.

The play centres around four men and three women between whom gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight relations all co-exist against a background of serial murders which provide a dramatic climax.

The seven cast members, all in their twenties by my judgement, made a lively effort of this piece effectively drawing on both it's drama and humour. It was interesting and entertaining and reminded me that I should see more of NIDA's work and encourage future generations of Australian performers.

Oh, and the nudity? Well, all seven cast members revealed themselves to differing degrees in the numerous sex scenes. Of the four men, the leading males Alex Russell and Andy Cunningham revealed themselves fully whilst the two supporting men, Kit Brookman and Stuart McRae revealed their arses. They are four very different types visually and between them cover a lot of tastes. I have to say that Cunningham's, ahem, assets are simply magnificent.

I tried to locate photographs of the four, dressed or otherwise, for this post but disappointingly only found one for Brookman and none for the others.

(Kit Brookman - from the Sydney Morning Herald)


  1. Hi
    I am the Stage Manager of Unidentified Human Remains. I hope you didn't only go to see our production to look at the student actors in the nude.
    I'm sure the well written dialogue, powerful dramatic themes, wonderful set, costumes and lighting also excited your senses, however, I'm sure Andy will love to know that his assets are simply magnificent!



  2. Thanks Elly

    I did comment on the play being lively, interesting and entertaining - so it did live up to the recommendation I was given.

    The attractiveness of the cast (female and male) was a bonus.