Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rod Stewart pokes my arse?

Do you take much notice of the toilet paper you purchase?

I have always purchased toilet paper on the basis of its texture and generally have preferred paper with some colour and patterns on it rather than the plain patternless style. In all my years of purchasing toilet paper I have never really looked properly at the patterns. That is, until today.

Today, as I was sitting doing my business, I inspected the pattern of the toilet paper closely for the first time. And this is what I saw;

The paper didn't photograph too well but the pattern on it is sails and it also contains the words Sail Away. I had never noticed words on the paper previously.

Why would the designers choose this pattern and these words? Is this paper intended for sailors or yachting types? Am I supposed to feel that I am sailing as I wipe my arse?

I wonder what other sporting activities I have been wiping myself with all these years?


  1. Rod Stewart has been known to sport hairstyles akin to a toilet brush.

  2. Evol - are you suggesting I have had a toilet brush up my bum?

  3. It could be reffering to the Mr Hankies sailing down the sewer to Bondi Beach.......

  4. I always have trouble buying toilet paper.. I'm picky about texture, but like you I don't really pay attention to what's on the toilet paper often. I'm mostly a white paper man myself.

  5. Toilet paper is always a strange one, at one stage I forbid my housemate from buying a particular kind as I hated it so much. I also have trouble wiping my rear with the puppy prints stuff for some reason, otherwise though I'm happy with a floral or sea-side print or plain white paper.

    Has anyone delved into the bold new world that is 'moistened personal wipes', basically wet ones for grown ups?

  6. Kezza - that's a new one to me.

  7. I have always gone for the Charmin. And not because I had a crush on Mr. Whipple. ;-) But I love how the paper perforates easily and I don't end up accidentally pulling 20 sheets off at once.