Sunday, 12 October 2008

Lunch in the country

Fs organised lunch yesterday to celebrate her 50th birthday.

The venue was Peppers Manor House in Suttons Forest about half way between Sydney and Canberra to accommodate her friends in both locations and Wollongong.

My drive down took an hour and forty minutes.

It turns out that I was the only one from Sydney able to attend and only De was able to attend from Wollongong. The other six participants were from Canberra.

To my disappointment, Fs' other gay friends were not able to come and I was the only male in the luncheon party. Truly Queen for the day.

Pre lunch drinks were served in this grand room of a style that I cannot name. Perhaps you could call it mixed medieval, Spanish, smorgasbord period?

Despite the absence of male companionship in our party, the company was pleasant and there were quite a number of good looking men, including some young fathers, elsewhere in the dining room for my eyes to settle upon.

The food was probably on the pricey side for what was offered and also pretentiously presented as in small looking portions lost on giant plates. As it turns out the quality was satisfactory and despite appearances to the contrary the portions proved adequate.

The return trip was through rain showers which I imagine probably ruined the outdoor wedding that was beginning in the grounds of Peppers as we drove off.

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  1. The pillows on that green lounge furniture look a little much...