Monday, 6 October 2008

The ladies who lunch...

I'm in danger of falling asleep by the phone waiting for Rt to call about lunch today.

Rt and Jy are in Sydney for the long weekend from their home on the Gold Coast. I caught up with them for dinner on Thursday together with Rt's cousin Jf who I believe I was meeting for the first time but who looked vaguely familiar to me. I kept wondering during the meal whether Jf had been a quickie fling some time in the past.

Rt is notoriously casual when making and keeping to meal arrangements and it is a little over two hours before he and Jy are due to fly back to the Gold Coast so I'm uncertain how and where we are going to fit in lunch.


  1. Just for the fun of it I'm gonna suggest that the names of Rt, Jy and Jf are as follows.

    Rt is for Robert; Jy could mean either Joy, Jerry or Johnny and I reckon Jf is for Jeff.

    Oh, please tell me I've won something. :-)

  2. Firehorse - 2/3; well done, you've won yourself a lamington.

  3. Campbell - no lunch did not eventuate; true to form Rt did not contact me.