Thursday, 2 October 2008

Did you inhale?

I've been back to the doctor because the cough I saw him about three weeks ago is persisting despite completing a course of antibiotics and taking additional inhalers (puffers).

The learned doctor decided that the sinus infection that I had, has cleared and that I am left with an allergic reaction, probably seasonal blah, blah, blah. Mmmmm, maybe.

He has upped my intake of inhalers (puffers) and added a new one for the next couple of weeks. I'm puffing so much now I feel like the magic dragon.


  1. Try chiropractic. We adjust the nervous system so in your case it may help. Just that you need to go to a good one and I don't really know anyone that I can recommend in your area.

  2. I know this situation all too well but have never inhaled or puffed. Perhaps that is my next option? I like what ph has commented above as well.