Sunday, 19 October 2008

Burn After Reading

OK where to start?

John Malkovich is an intelligence analyst who has been demoted for his drinking and Tilda Swinton is his tough talking wife. George Clooney is a Treasury officer who is a former Marshall. His wife writes stories for children. Frances McDormand is a fitness centre worker who wants a host of cosmetic procedures and Brad Pitt is her simple thinking co-worker.

How and why they and a host of others cross paths is the story and humour in this Coen Brothers film.

A film reviewer on Radio National yesterday morning recommended this as a film to see and she described it as hilarious. To me, hilarious is a film where you laugh out loud a lot and often throughout the course of the film. As, for example, in Some Like It Hot.

I always see a Coen Brothers film full of expectation and mostly find them less than hilarious; although often ironic, wry and mildly humorous. I wouldn't describe Burn After Reading as hilarious but I did find it interesting and humorous.


  1. Hey there nice blog!
    Just stopping by n read some nice here ;-). Talk 2 U soon....

  2. This is playing at the Art House theatre in my community, and I've been wanting to see it. Thanks for the review.

    Mark :-)

  3. I agree with your description, not hilarious but interesting and humorous. The last scene took me by surprise but in a good way. I hope you are well Victor.

  4. firehorse - I have my usual sniffles (today's 14c temperature hasn't helped) but otherwise am OK thanks.