Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cute boy...out of season?

I took this photograph from Stunning Sexy Guys because I agree that the boy in the photograph looks hot.

But something else about the photograph interests me. I wonder what the season is when the photograph was taken?

Look at the photograph closely (or click on it to enlarge) and you see that the boy and some others in the background are wearing T-shirts and short sleeves as if in summer, yet others in the background are wearing heavy clothing as though it is winter.

Regardless, it is the boy who interests me most ;-)


  1. Coats and tees. It must be Melbourne.

  2. What REALLY interested me was seeing if there were any trees in the background. ;-) There are trees and they are all bare, so I would imagine it's Fall. The cute guy probably has the short sleeve shirt because he looks like he may be skateboarding which is making him a bit hot. TA-DA! I hope you have been having a great week so far!

  3. I don't even think he's in Australia!
    Car numberplates look a bit wrong, and there's a hit of "chinatown" at the back? I would say somewhere Eurpoean? If so, that probably explains why none of them dress the same!

    I agree though. HOT boy :-)

  4. It's Paris, there's a licence plate ends in 75.
    maybe the dude's doing some skateboarding or something and working up a sweat.
    He's cute, nice post and a great blog too!