Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I've had a home computer for about five years. In that time I have joined numerous gay sites, deposited my profile and then sat back waiting for the invitations to pour in. Of course they didn't pour in. To say that I received a trickle would also be overstating it. But some invitations came and a few of these led to the occasional real date. Each time an invitation arrived my imagination ran wild seeing myself settling down with the love of my life, the two of us living the rest of our days together in bliss and sexual heaven. Each time the reality was stark and I landed with a thud. I have gained some new friends from the Internet but not yet the close really loving relationship I still hope to enjoy.

I have danced the dance numerous times.

Well, I can hear the music again. I no longer routinely visit those sites hoping for a message but once in a while my email account tells me one has been received. And so it was yesterday. I cautiously checked the intray half expecting some generic promotional material of no interest. Instead I found a real person expressing an interest in my profile. His message was short but to my liking. Next step was to check out his profile. Mmmmm, not bad - some similarities of interest (social and sexual). What about his photo? Mmmmm, not bad either. Must be something to worry about. Checked his height and weight, maybe we are completely out of kilter there. Amazingly very similar stats to mine, so can't complain there.

Ok, took a deep breath and sent him a reply. Maybe he won't respond to that.......I've had non responses before from guys who had initiated the approach in the first place. But he did reply, fairly promptly too and with a bit more detail that also pushed the right buttons for me.

So next step in the modern courting ritual, we added each other as contacts on Yahoo messenger. Now we are in the "lets chat and see what develops" phase. The music is louder and the dance is about to begin.

Naturally there is one teeny weeny hurdle. I live in Sydney and he lives in Townsville. For those who are unfamiliar with Australian geography that's a distance of, let's say, about 2100kms. A 26 hours' drive! He says he visits Sydney 6 times a year.

Maybe I have nothing to gain but I have nothing to lose either. Let's dance.

I'll keep you informed.


  1. I have also had mixed success at internet dating. I do find that people are very different when they type / write to when you are sitting in front of them.

    Still worth giving it a shot though - at the very least you have a few interesting conversations - really nothing to lose.

  2. On the bright side, he could be from Darwin ;-)

  3. Ah ha! Are you the Aussie that has been reading my blog for a while but was too shy to say hello?

    This cyber dating thing is nuts, I am receiving an education in it as well for the moment! I understand everything you are saying.


  4. Yes sooo-this-is-me I read your blog with interest. I have added your link to my blog.