Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sex with Strangers

(Sydney Theatre Company)

Jacqueline McKenzie and Ryan Corr find themselves sharing a holiday retreat. Both are aspiring writers. McKenzie has written a book that disappeared without trace whilst Corr has a hit book on his hands based on his blog that detailed his sexual adventures.

The play 'Sex with Strangers' matches a couple who are half a generation apart in age and a world apart technologically. It also contrasts the world of book publishing with the emerging world of electronic publishing.

'Sex with Strangers' is a play for the times; a two hander with fast paced dialogue. McKenzie and Corr are well matched, delivering likeable performances. The literary quotations that pass across the backdrop and separate the scenes add spice to the spoken dialogue.



  1. For a moment I though was going to a more personal post.

  2. Victor, are you going to see this play, or have you seen it?

  3. I thought you might Andrew

    disco, we saw the play on Monday, it was very enjoyable.