Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tuning in and out

Ae was telling me of some problems with her television reception and mentioned that she does not receive the two newest free to air digital channels. I asked whether she had re-tuned her set for the new channels and that was the first she knew this was required. I offered to do it for her when it was clear she had no idea how.

I should not have bothered.

I turned up as arranged just after midday giving Ae time to walk her dog along with her dog walking friends.

To start with, Ae could not find the television manual. Then she wasn't sure which remote control operated the television. This surprised me given that Ae says she uses the television regularly. Anyway, I found the correct remote and also brought up the menu for system setting. A dialogue box asked me for the PIN and again Ae was stumped but after some thought she suggested the 'number' was her dog's name! This obviously was not correct and I guessed, correctly, that Ae had never reset the PIN from the factory setting.

At this point, and rather belatedly, it dawned on me that Ae was behaving strangely. Not only could I barely understand what she was saying but she was whispering oddly. And then I realised she was tanked. Drunk but not too disorderly from a morning's dog walking!

I should have stopped at that point but pressed on. I ran the auto tune and brought up the new channels but I could see that other minor channels were not being set and the reception problem was still noticeable. Deciding that a new indoor aerial might do the trick I ventured to a nearby Dick Smith's telling Ae I would only be half an hour. When I returned Ae was nowhere to be seen. She had decided to drive(!) to a nearby restaurant to get us some Thai takeaway for lunch. On her return I watched nervously as she maneuvered her car back in to her small off street parking space.

I had a few more goes at the auto tune without much success, eventually giving up and bidding Ae an apologetic farewell. I'm not sure who was more relieved at my departure; me for getting away or Ae who clearly was ready to do her own tuning out on the nearest sofa.


  1. I no longer help people with tvs, computers, sound systems and more. I will turn this into a post. Drunk by midday. That is really not great.

  2. I'm not one to turn down a drink, but sozzled by midday is a little crazy!!

  3. Drunk from the morning's dog walking... I'd suggest poor old Fido didn't get much walking in